April 2020

Woojae and Seolmin published a paper titled “Predicting Trial-By-Trial Variation in Oculomotor Behavior Using Multivariate Electroencephalography Theta Phase” at IEEE Access through a collaboration with Dr. Yee-Joon Kim from IBS center for cognition and sociality. This study investigated the neural origin of timing and direction variability in oculomotor behavior using a novel multivariate pattern analysis technique.


Summer Intern 2018

Mooyoung and Byeongjae finished a month of lab life, as a part of CNIR Summer Internship. They successfully conducted an experiment and presented a poster that studied the effect of temporal and directional expectations on the initiation of smooth pursuit eye movements, under the guidance of Joonsik and Jeongjun. Congratulations!!

SfN 2017

Seolmin and Woojae presented at Annual meeting of Society for Neuroscience 2017, held November 11-15 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C., USA.

Afterwards, we had dinner together with Dr. Incheol Kang, who is working with NHP at NIH now.