Arduino interface for EEG

Arduino codes have been developed for interfacing Maestro computer with Brain Amp EEG recording system.

I use two Teensy 3.6 boards (Arduino variant). One board is in charge of processing marker pulses and the other board takes care of ASCII character strings from Maestro. Now, the interface is developed in breadboard with jumper cables, and it will be packaged in a circuit board and plastic enclosure in the near future.
I attach Teensyduino (arduino plugin for teensy board) programs for the two boards below. All the connections between Maestro NI board, Teensy boards, and Brain Amp EEG system are summarized in the excel file attached at the bottom.
The Arduino codes and helpful files are attached below

Heeyeon designed and made a PCB board for the interface (many thanks to Seoyeon Chang from Jinhyung Park’s lab). Now we have a professional looking, working interface!