Joonyeol Lee

(Principal Investigator)

Baylor College of Medicine, PhD

Harvard Medical School, Postdoctoral Associate and Research Assistant

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Postdoctoral Associate

University of California, San Francisco, Postdoctoral Associate

Duke University, Postdoctoral Associate

Sanghum Woo

(Graduate Student)

I’m generally interested in the modulation process of visuo-motor circuit that would help me understanding the entire visuo-motor system.

Hyeji Kim

(Postmaster Researcher)

Seolmin Kim

(Graduate Student)

Heeyeon Ahn

(Graduate Student)

Sangkyu Son

(Postmaster Researcher)

He is generally interested in top-down effect on perception especially on timing and time perception.



Former Members


Gusang Kwon (Researcher, Amore Pacific)

Joonsik Moon(PhD student, SUNY College of Optometry)

Graduate Students

Woojae Jeong (PhD student, University of Southern California)

Jeongjun Park (PhD student, Washington University at Saint Louis)

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Kyungmin Kim

Hyomin Yu

Kahyun Choi

Jaeyun Kim